Week 15 – Extra Credit – Feedback

I love all the activities in the class Art110, so it’s kind of hard to pick least favorite activities.  And top 3 art activities for me are:

  1. Sketching in the Garden: Because I like the views and environment in the Japanese Garden, and it makes me to feel comfortable and be in good mood to draw anything I want on sketch book.
  2. Graffiti Writing: I just like the way that I can draw anything I want on walls instead of paper.
  3. Instagram: Posting and sharing pictures in a group and having chance to check other classmates’ pictures are fun, and it’s easy to take pictures during the day and post them online.

The least 3 favorite:

  1. Automatic Drawing: It’s fun for me too, but I feel that it’s kind of wasting the large paper that only being drew with some lines.
  2. Landscapes of a Corpse: It’s a creative activity, but it’s a very personally thought that I don’t like to pretend to be a corpse.
  3. I cannot think of the third one…

And I like the Classmate Conversation and Artist Conversation activities because I got to talk with different people and share different thoughts, and make friends during the class. I prefer Hybrid format class that’s why I chose this course, and it saves my time somehow that I learned art knowledges by only watching the video (Art Talk OTW video) at home after school, and still get connections with classmates during the face-to-face class time. For the samples of classmates did, I think it’s valuable, it’s always good to share.


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