Week 14 – Art Activity – Instagram Day

I had an Instagram account before, but I barely used it. I’m actually not using social media that much to connect with friends because I think most of things in cyber world are not as real as in realistic world. People post their selfies or photos online, but some pictures may not come from their real lives, and some people are just showing what they want others to see or believe online. And I barely post my daily photos on social media although I like to take photos to record my daily life, I think it’s just because I want to keep privacy and only share my photos with my friends and families. And I prefer mall shopping than online shopping too.

During the Instagram Day activity, I posted 4 pictures and also browsed other classmates’ photos. I found it is a very interesting  activity and the some photos are connective and close to my life too. In the morning, many people posted pictures with coffee they just had, and I actually drunk coffee in the morning too. And some pictures of our campus, I also post a picture of campus view;  some pictures about lunch and dinner at meal time, I like to check out the pictures with food to see wether we have same food. I like this activity pretty much, it connects our lives together, sharing our daily lives with others.




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