Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jane Weibel
Exhibition: Psycho Cycle
Media: Ceramics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: Janemargarette
Website: JaneWeibel.com

About the Artist

Jane Weibel is an undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach, CA, and she is graduating this semester. Jan Weibel majors in BFA in the School of Arts’ Ceramics program. She chose Ceramics program because she thought ceramics is a kind of material which people can use it to make works whatever they want, and she used to learn sculpting with clay was a reason too. After graduation, Jan plan to attend graduate schools in Los Angeles, specifically UCLA, because she wants to explore more arts in LA art community. Jane’s works express her beliefs about women and she wants to encourage women to be themselves without stereotype.


Formal Analysis

Inside the Jane’s exhibition “Psycho Cycle”, there was a very bright and colorful atmosphere. And there are boulders, clays, printed photos, and a large piece of colorful rectangle work, called “the cage” by Jane, was made with plastic pieces of broken storage containers. Some photos were pressed under a clay, some photos showed to viewers for thinking, and one picture with a woman was crumpled by holding a string against a pillow and a boulder. Jane said that she likes bright colors, and she said colors can implicate how people present.

Content Analysis

Jane Weibel stated herself a feminist, and the “Psycho Cycle” expressed that women have to face stereotype, ignore, manipulate, harm, etc. in their lives.

My Experience



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