Wk4 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


I called out my friend to do this automatic drawing with me. We clipped a large white paper on my large luggage, and we both used pencils. We started with sitting down face-to face, putting the empty luggage on our legs, holding pencils on our four hands, then closed our eyes, and automatic moving hands without thinking. Then I felt our hands moving and moving without our controls. After 2 minutes I guessed, I couldn’t help opening my eyes and got a glimpse on the paper, it was messy! But we had not filled out the whole paper, so I closed my eyes again and continued to draw automatically. We were not sure how long we drew, and we stopped it around 6 or 8 minutes. The picture above is what we got for automatic drawing! It is kind of crazy and messy, but I feel like it is magic! It is just like what in our minds, we did not think anything while we were drawing, and my brain were totally messy, I think that is how the drawing present to us. It was fun and creative art experience, and I like it! I will recommend this activity to my friends!


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