Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Hailei Reyes

This week’s F2F time was meeting up on the SOA Galleries. After talked with an artist, Manyu Gao, about her oil painting, I found a new classmate that I didn’t talk with before. She is Hailei Reyes, a 3rd-year student, majors in nutrition, and she has no plans to go to a graduate school after she finish bachelor degree. We discussed about this gallery a little bit, and she just talked with Juliet Johnson, the video media made her think a lot about why the artist made certain things, and how things overlap each other.

For this week’s topic, what type of art has had the most influence on where you are today, both of Hailei and I think music influenced us the most. And both of us love to listen to different types of music. For Hailei, she listens to all most every types of music, such as hip-hop, Spanish, country, and so on. She thought music can show people’s thoughts and express emotions, and also she felt that different types of music show different cultures so that she learned about different cultures from music.

Here goes the selfie of deers. 😀



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