Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Janett Moctezuma


The pretty girl in pink of the photo was my classmate whom I talked with today. Her name is Janett Moctezuma, and she majors in Health Science option in community health education. She has been studying in our school for 5 years, and will graduate on spring 2017. Her plan after graduation is to go to a nursing school to become a pediatric nurse practitioner, and she is preparing on applying for UCLA and UC Fullerton. Janett is very busy this semester because she is taking 5 courses and doing two part-time jobs at the same time. She also joins Health Science Club of CSULB and Internationally Health Science Community Club.

This week’s topic is “Is art actually important in today’s world?”, and both of us agree that art is important in today’s world. We think art can help people know and understand different cultures, and art is like a communication tool which links up people who have different cultures together. Art also expresses people’s imagination, feelings, and thoughts in deep minds that people cannot express out by words. So we think art is actually important in today’s world, and everyone needs it in life.


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